Una red social sólo para 50 amigos (y es una app)

Dunbar has recently been scientifically frolicking in the anthropological gold mine of Facebook and has revealed his early findings that digitally, as well as in the real world, our species is incapable of managing an “inner circle” of more than 150 friends. That increment became known as “Dunbar’s Number.” Is a ‘Favored Fifty’ the magic number for your Personal Network?This led Morin, who left Facebook early this year, to conclude that his new startup would put a limit on connections so that users would have “a quality network.” Proceeding on another Dunbar theory — that the rings of our social networks ripple out in factors of three — he and his team created what Path calls The Personal Network. Morin calculates 5 closest friends of relatives in the most intimate circle, fifteen or so who we have regular contact with, and around three times that in the boundary of who is truly trusted.

La nota completa (Wired) acá

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