Debate / Geolocación y negocios futuros / John C. Abel en Wired

I think location-based services that are integrated in other things of value are the ones that will hugely resonate. So, you use Google for lots of things and now Google tells you what’s around you wherever you are. You don’t have to do anything but launch a browser, which you do 1,345 times a day. Facebook entices you to run their app in the background all the time — why not? Smartphone manufacturers even sell their phones now as social network delivery systems — and then say when you connect with your friends (which you’ll do anyway) you can see where they are and, by the way, here’s a store with stuff on sale which Facebook knows you like.

It will become natural and expected to be informed, personally, about proximate things of interest.

Whether an individual company can commercialize that enough to be a “winner” is another matter. It’s like privatized water or roads. Water and roads used to be private property, but it isn’t really the case anymore.

The winners will be the ones who figure out how leverage that power, not the ones who think they can own it.

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