Facebook, ahora localización y cupones para móviles

(…) The social networking company held a press conference at its Palo Alto headquarters to announce new features that will allow merchants to deliver coupons and specials to Facebook users’ phones. One of its first 22 partners is Gap, which is running a campaign that offers a free pair of jeans to the first 10,000 users who check into their local Gap store. Other partners include Macy’s, the Palms casino in Las Vegas and Starbucks. Eventually all companies with Facebook pages will be able to offer deals to Facebook users on their mobile phones. The deals will include one-time offers and loyalty rewards as well as deals that reward customers who bring their friends. Facebook is banking that merchants will be able to reward repeat customers and lure new customers who happen to be nearby (…)

La información completa (Los Ángeles Times) acá.

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